Jonathan Hamelin's Profile

Jonathan Hamelin is an aspiring journalist, currently enrolled in the pre-journalism field at the University of Regina. After his second year, Hamelin will hope to enroll in the School of Journalism. Following that, Hamelin hopes to break into the field of journalism full-time.

Hamelin has gained valuable experience in the fields of print and online journalism.

In the print field, Hamelin has had the chance to write for a number of publications. Hamelin is currently employed at the Regina Leader-Post, the main paper in Regina, SK. At the Leader-Post, while writing up local sports calendars, sports television listings, local sports roundups and recording down any scores that come in, Hamelin has also had 13 freelance articles published in the sports section. In his first year of University, Hamelin was a frequent contributor to the U of R's campus paper, The Carillon. In the past, Hamelin has written for the Balgonie Greenall High School paper, The Paramount Perspective. Hamelin has also had the privellege to attend the writing conference, Creating in the Qu'Appelle and cover the event as a journalist.

In the online field, Hamelin has written for a number of sites, focusing mainly on the Canadian Football League. His general CFL work has been published on,,, and On, Hamelin is the CFL Examiner and is paid. On, Hamelin used to write articles about the NHL, NBA and NFL. Most recently, Hamelin began writing a column titled "A Canadian Man's Fantasy" for the new CFL fantasy football site, He is getting paid for this column. Hamelin had the brief pleasure of running an online CFL magazine titled "Fans of the CFL".

A sports journalist once told Hamelin that "It is not about being a great journalist, it is about wanting to be great." While Hamelin is proud of what he has accomplished up to this point, he lives by these words and always tries to improve his work.

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